Safety Precautions and Physical Distancing Measures

Château la Motte Guest House is a uniquely safe choice. 

  • Guests will be advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least 2 meters away from others when they aren't family or friends. Please note that our home is 10,000 sq.ft. allowing ample space for safe distancing.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available to you when you walk in as well as on the breakfast tables.

  • We maintain a constant disinfecting schedule for high-touch areas on our main floor, like doorknobs, the public washroom, and room keys. It also includes our front verandah.

  • Upon arrival, guests who are staying more than one night, are given three bags: one for soiled towels, one for soiled bedding, and one for garbage. When towels and bedding need to be cleaned and when garbage needs to be removed, guests are asked to place bags in the hallway near the entrances to their rooms. It will be picked without ever fully entering the rooms. Fresh towels, bedding, and garbage bags will be placed on a chair outside your bedroom.

  • All our guest rooms have private en-suite bathrooms. Some rooms have private balconies.

  • If you enjoy spending time outdoors, bistro sets and large umbrellas are available for your comfort. Guests are also welcome to sit on the front verandah. 

  • Each room has it's own air conditioner. We do not have central air for heating/cooling so pollutants do not travel through our guest house.

  • Safely enjoy the fresh air with windows that open to the outside.

  • For your safety; we are utilizing our spacious home for safe distancing, serving breakfast in several different rooms, including our breakfast room, dining room, sunroom, and if you wish, the front verandah. Convenient to-go breakfast bags are also available if preferred. 

  • Fast & free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to your loved ones and access all the news and entertainment you need.

  • Safe and convenient drop-off when you order meals, groceries, or supplies online. We suggest that you phone our local restaurants to find out if they're offering take-outs, or when you need to book your patio table. You're welcome to store food in our guest fridge.

  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing of the rooms take place after guests leave. 

  • We will continue to provide safe and clean rooms to our guests, under the guidance of the Ontario government.

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