You will find Château la Motte in the most architecturally outstanding area of the town. Return to the time of Woodstock's great wealth when you stay at this Historic Mansion. 


The house was built in 1895 and is listed on the Provincial Register of Historic Homes. The 10,000 ft² estate is still well remembered due to the fact that it was constructed by Thomas Leopold 'Carbide' Willson, a prominent engineer, chemist and entrepreneur. The house was a gift to his mother and cost C$90,000 just prior to the turn of the century.


The home is described as Queen Anne Revival style with a circular tower, rare red slate roof, four private balconies, and soaring chimneys. The elegant exterior is of ruby volcanic-stone and a grand curved verandah wraps around the front of the home.

The interior of the home is breathtaking. It is easy to be absorbed and charmed by the impressive ambiance of the palatial mansion, which has become an international landmark. Enjoy the high ceilings, original (ornate) fireplaces, Alfresco and cherub ceilings, detailed woodwork, curved windows, and beautiful crown mouldings throughout the home. The main floor consists of a welcoming grand foyer adorned in golden oak paneling, a large kitchen, a formal grand dining room, a cozy octagonal sitting room/library, sunny solarium, and a breakfast/party/meeting room. We also rent our facilities.​

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Château la Motte

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